BEWI DOG® dog food

A good decision

To produce a really good dog food you have to love animals. This is the requirement for everyone who works at BEWITAL. Every day, vets and nutritionists work on developing the best recipes. These form the basis for procuring high-quality ingredients, including poultry, fish, rice, fats, minerals and vitamins.

The ingredients come from inspected companies, with preference given to local firms. Following a further incoming control in our own laboratory, the ingredients are mixed according to the recipe and then steamed to retain their sensitive nutrients and natural flavours.

Many successful dog sports enthusiasts and breeders have been relying on BEWI DOG® since 1984. BEWI DOG® stands for reliable quality and excellent value for money.

The BEWI DOG® quality

Benefits in every recipe

In all our recipes we follow the guidelines issued by FEDIAF, an institution that publishes scientific recommendations on balanced dog nutrition. We also use natural nutritional supplements to improve the well-being of your dog, including valuable substances from brewer’s yeast and lecithin.

Quality from BEWI DOG®

Quality food you can trust

Our product guarantee

  • Our products are manufactured in Germany
  • Strict controls ensure consistent quality
  • All meat products come from animals that are fit for human consumption
  • We do not use any artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives
  • We do not use soya in our recipes
  • We do not carry out animal experiments