Natural nutritional supplements for the well-being of your dog

Ingredients and their advantages

In all our recipes we follow the guidelines issued by FEDIAF, an institution that publishes scientific recommendations on balanced dog nutrition. We also use natural nutritional supplements to improve the well-being of your dog, including valuable substances from brewer’s yeast and lecithin.

Strengthens the defence forces

Besides a balanced supply of nutrients, the immune system needs careful training to strengthen the body’s defences. When adult dogs are let out and taken for walks they come into contact with a wide range of pathogens, which trains their immune system.

It is known for instance, that when dogs dig in the soil they absorb certain fungal compounds that stimulate their immune system. These compounds, beta-glucans, are also found in the cell walls of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae fungus (brewers’ yeast).

Since puppies and young dogs do not yet have a fully developed immune system, they benefit particularly from stimulation of the body’s defences. Beta-glucans help bridge the immunity gap during the weaning phase.

MOS from brewers' yeast supports

Having the right microflora in the intestine is important for general vitality – in dogs as well as humans. Food that contains a balance of certain dietary fibres plays an important role here.

Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) are special components of the cell walls of brewers’ yeast that are good for intestinal flora. MOS are processed in the large intestine and encourage the formation of beneficial intestinal bacteria, like lactic acid bacteria.

In addition, MOS form a kind of biofilm over the mucous membrane in the intestine. This reduces the chance of negative intestinal bacteria attaching themselves to the intestinal membrane and causing irritation (e.g. diarrhea).

Promotes skin and fur

All owners want their dogs to have healthy skin and a glossy coat. Skin and coat condition are described as a window to a dog’s health – and with good reason. Skin irritations, like itching, and a dull coat are often signs of a deficiency in nutrients.

Brewers’ yeast is a natural complex consisting of a wide range of nutrients and active ingredients that are good for a dog’s skin and coat (including natural B vitamins and trace elements). Experienced dog-breeders have valued its qualities for decades.

Lecithin also promotes a glossy coat and facilitates the absorption of essential fatty acids and liposoluble vitamins in the intestine.

Promotes muscle building

Animal protein has a much higher biological value for dogs than vegetable protein. High protein quality is particularly important for muscle development.

For this reason, we do not use vegetable protein concentrates, such as soya, in our BEWI DOG® recipes. Instead, we make it a priority to use a high proportion of animal protein. The animal protein content is displayed on every product.

Without wheat

Some dogs have a wheat intolerance or have trouble digesting wheat. Veterinary investigations show that wheat intolerance is more common than intolerance to other cereals.

For this reason, we have deliberately avoided using wheat in most of our BEWI DOG® recipes.